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Greetings from the coolest development center in town! At Pointers Digitech, we're not just about IT development, staffing, recruiting, HR consulting, and payroll services – we're on a mission to inject some serious fun into the world of tech and business solutions.


Picture this: a dynamic team, buzzing with energy, tackling challenges with superhero-level enthusiasm. That's us! We're not your average development center; we're the go-to spot for turning projects into epic adventures. We stand at the forefront of technological innovation, serving as a distinguished development center committed to delivering comprehensive solutions.


So, what's the Pointers Digitech secret sauce? Well, it's not really a secret – we're all about quality solutions, but with a side of laughter and a dash of awesomeness. Sure, we provide top-notch services, but our mission is clear – to provide unparalleled quality solutions to our esteemed clients. Yet, we go beyond the conventional boundaries of service. Pointers Digitech places a special emphasis on the individual development, skills enhancement, and holistic talent management of our dedicated team members. We believe that by nurturing and empowering our employees, we amplify our ability to deliver excellence. Our work environment is one of inclusivity and collaboration, creating a space where innovation quietly thrives.


Diversity is not just a word to us; it's an integral part of our DNA. As a testament to our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, Pointers Digitech cultivates a work culture that is both dynamic and welcoming. Our collaborative environment fosters innovation, with a network of partners who share our passion for pushing boundaries. Whether partnering with native-based companies or engaging with global enterprises, we relentlessly pursue excellence in all facets of our work.


At Pointers Digitech, we understand that every company is unique, regardless of size or stage. With this understanding, we dedicate ourselves to delivering tangible results that contribute to the growth and success of organizations across the spectrum. Our services are designed to support your team effectively, allowing you to channel your energy towards strategic initiatives and revenue growth.


Thank you for considering Pointers Digitech as your trusted development partner. Join us on a journey of innovation, collaboration, and success as we work together to achieve new heights.

Services Offered

HR administration is instrumental in facilitating organizations by supervising and coordinating a range of human resources activities, including the recruitment and hiring of staff, managing employee benefits and compensation, and enforcing company policies and procedures. We ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations while fostering a welcoming and inclusive workplace culture. Ultimately, the effective management and support of an organization's most valuable resource, its employees, are heavily reliant on the essential role played by HR administration.

Our HR consultants help organizations to identify their challenges and develop effective solutions to address them. With their expertise, we can help organizations improve their HR processes, maximize their human capital, and create a more positive and inclusive workplace culture. Our in-house HR Consultants, provide advice, guidance, and support in a range of areas, such as talent acquisition, employee retention, compensation and benefits, compliance with labor laws, and employee engagement.

Our Staffing Solutions removes the challenges of the hiring process by sourcing high-quality candidates to support almost any staffing needs for organizations. Short-term augmentation is a quick-scale solution to complete near-term projects without the need to hire directly. Long-term augmentation gives access to a large talent pool that can be scaled quickly to support teams on a semi-permanent basis. Contract-to-hire service allows you to gauge whether a hire is the right cultural and talent fit before hiring them on a permanent basis. Direct sourcing is a valuable tool for organizations to find high-caliber, quality talent ready for roles anywhere from individual contributors all the way up to the C-suite.

Offshore Development

Unlocking global potential, our offshore development center in India delivers precision-engineered solutions for your digital success. As a forward-thinking and client-centric organization, we take pride in offering world-class software development services tailored to meet the unique needs of our global clientele. Nestled in the vibrant landscape of India, our Offshore Development Center (ODC) is a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and efficiency. With a team of highly skilled professionals and a commitment to cutting-edge technologies, we empower businesses to achieve their digital aspirations. Explore limitless possibilities with us as we embark on a journey of collaborative success, driving your projects to new heights and ensuring unparalleled quality in every line of code we write.

Venture Studio

At Pointers Digitech venture studio, we ignite entrepreneurial brilliance, crafting a fertile ground where visionary ideas sprout into thriving, impactful ventures. As a pioneering venture studio, we are dedicated to shaping the future by incubating, nurturing, and scaling groundbreaking startups. Our mission is to cultivate a fertile ground for entrepreneurial dreams, providing a collaborative ecosystem that fuses creativity with strategic expertise. At Pointers Digitech venture studio, we go beyond conventional boundaries, leveraging our diverse talents and industry insights to turn visionary concepts into thriving enterprises. Join us on a journey of innovation and discovery, where your entrepreneurial aspirations find the perfect launchpad for success.


Unify Your Talent To Transform Your Company

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Product Platform

Pointerz is a talent strategy SaaS platform that empowers organizations with actionable insights to optimize their talent management and support diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) initiatives. Powered by cutting-edge technology - natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and generative AI, Pointerz enables you to centralize all your talent data in one place, visualize it with customizable dashboards and reports, and collaborate with your team to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

Our AI buddy will keep you interactive and motivated in achieving your goals and objectives at the individuals and organizational level

Building strong relationships within the organization through well-executed onboarding and offboarding process

Gain insight into your organization and increase employee engagement

Predictive & prescriptive insights about individuals and the organization to better align employee skills and competencies to the organizational targets

AI-powered skills and competency development focused on continuous growth supported by coaching and mentorship network

Breaking barriers and collecting feedback on performance from the right people across your network to get actionable insights

Next-level platform to track goals and achievements- building from comprehensive feedback and cutting-edge AI automation

Building organizational morale and positive reinforcement through awards and recognition

Create and manage effective meetings to collaborate and drive valuable, tangible, and action-oriented results

A place to Self-Introspect


Intuitive portal to create goals, develop competencies, receive customized prescriptive learning plans, and access our 24/7 365 feedback tool. Easily track your growth and development with our cutting edge dashboard using predictive analytics.

AI based professional development


A place to manage your team efficiently and analyze each team member's progress on the go. Drive growth through AI-driven 360 feedback, goal alignment, professional development, and succession planning.

Continual Human Development

HR Admins

Minimize organizational drag through effective talent management, resource optimization, deploying teams, and effectively leading your star talent. Elevate your teams by providing them a tool that empowers, engages, and inspires.

The 24/7 360 development engine


Pointerz provides you a platform to analyze growth rate, productivity, engagement, cultural alignment through powerful visualizations enabling leaders to create business value.

Why Businesses Use Pointerz

HR Consulting

HR Consulting

Transforming HR strategies for a brighter future

Our HR consultants help organizations to identify their challenges and develop effective solutions to address them. With their expertise, we can help organizations improve their HR processes, maximize their human capital, and create a more positive and inclusive workplace culture. Our in-house HR Consultants, provide advice, guidance, and support in a range of areas, such as talent acquisition, employee retention, compensation and benefits, compliance with labor laws, and employee engagement.

Our HR consulting services cover a wide range of areas, including:


Recruitment and selection: We help organizations identify the right candidates for open positions. We provide guidance on job analysis, candidate screening, and selection criteria to help organizations attract and retain top talent.


Training and development: We work with organizations to identify skill gaps and develop customized training programs to improve employee performance and productivity. We also provide guidance on career development and succession planning to help organizations retain top talent.


Performance management: We provide guidance on setting performance goals, monitor employee performance, and provide feedback and coaching to improve performance. We can also develop performance evaluation systems that align with organizational goals and objectives.


Compensation and benefits: We help organizations design and implement competitive compensation and benefits packages that attract and retain top talent. We can also provide guidance on compliance with legal and regulatory requirements related to compensation and benefits.


Employee relations: We work with organizations to establish effective communication channels, manage employee relations, and address any conflicts or issues that arise in the workplace. We can also help in developing policies and procedures that align with organizational values and goals.



As part of our HR consulting services, we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients. We take pride in our ability to develop long-term relationships with our clients and provide ongoing support and guidance as their business evolves. Overall, we can help organizations create a positive work environment, improve employee satisfaction and engagement, and achieve their organizational goals. With the support of an experienced HR consultant, organizations can optimize their human resources and achieve long-term success.



If you are looking for expert HR consulting services, look no further than our team of experienced professionals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help your business thrive.

HR Administration

HR Administration

Empowering your people, powering your business

HR administration is instrumental in facilitating organizations by supervising and coordinating a range of human resources activities, including the recruitment and hiring of staff, managing employee benefits and compensation, and enforcing company policies and procedures. We ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations while fostering a welcoming and inclusive workplace culture. Ultimately, the effective management and support of an organization's most valuable resource, its employees, are heavily reliant on the essential role played by HR administration.
Our platform is designed to make the process of managing human resources easier and more efficient for your organization. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, our tools and services can help streamline your HR operations. We help in implementing a comprehensive plan that includes revamping recruitment and hiring processes, development opportunities, and improving employee benefits and compensation.

We provide a range of resources and information to help you navigate HR administration. Here are some of the key features and benefits of our platform:


Employee management: Our platform allows you to easily manage employee information, including personal details, job information, performance reviews, and more. You can also track employee attendance, time off requests, and payroll information.


Recruitment: We offer a comprehensive suite of recruitment tools to help you find and hire the right candidates for your organization. Our platform includes job postings, candidate screening, and interview scheduling features.


Training and development: Our platform provide access to a range of training and development resources to help your employees grow and develop their skills. We offer online training courses, performance management tools, and coaching and mentoring services.


Compliance and regulations: Staying compliant with HR regulations and laws can be challenging. Our platform provides up-to-date information on employment laws and regulations, as well as tools to help you stay compliant.


Data and analytics: Our platform provide insights and analytics to help you make informed HR decisions. You can track key performance indicators, analyze employee data, and create customized reports.


Our team of HR experts is dedicated to helping you succeed. We understand the challenges that organizations face when managing their workforce, and we are committed to providing you with the tools and resources you need to overcome these challenges. Whether you're looking to streamline your HR processes or improve employee engagement and retention, our platform has everything you need to succeed.

Survey Methodology

Survey Methodology

Survey methodology is considered a scientific field used to identify principles through data collection output, analysis, and processing of collected data. Final data analysis then is used to provide a result through a pre-defined scoring metric. Pointerz surveys use the questionnaire method, regarded as the most common and reliable survey type.  


Using questionnaires as the primary survey tool, this enables variable categories which measure characteristics of the people surveyed. Pointerz surveys will assess the preferences and attitudes of the employees as they relate to topics, their organization, or leaders in that organization. Additionally, Pointerz surveys employ self-reporting scales to measure the employees' opinions about the themes presented. By using self-reporting scales, it provides the survey taker with a real time means to see their result for each question and further enables the holistic examination of similarities and differences within an organization. 


Reliability and consistency are always of the utmost importance with surveys and with reliable self-reporting mechanisms, the Pointerz survey methodology produces consistent results every time. This is because the survey's reliability is measured through a test- retest scenario. In this instance, the survey is conducted multiple times and the testers do not have to score identical on each survey, but what will happen with a self-test method is that the highest probability is that the subsequent retests will be in the general scale of score. This is achieved because Pointerz surveys have a a wide enough variability amongst the factors being measured. Additionally, the survey's questions are designed to be clear, without ambiguity or distracting components, enabling a taker to answer. 


Constructing and wording the questions of the survey, as mentioned above, is core to ensuring that simplicity and reliability can happen. Pointerz curates its survey questions through 5 key steps: 1) Determine what information should be collected (specific to our prepopulated organizational themes) 2) Determine how to conduct the questionnaire (online) 3) Review drafts before it is sent (internal and external review) 4) Revise questions as needed (internal and external review) and 5) Be Specific on the procedures. As Pointerz has worked extensively with industry best practices and industry leaders, our question construct process has been vetted thoroughly to ensure the desire consistency. 


Finally, the order of questions is carefully thought through to ensure questions deemed more interesting or important should be closer to the survey's start. Research and studies show a survey taker has more clarity of mind at the beginning of a survey than the end, thus ordering is important to get right to ensure the flow is optimized. A tough question at the bottom of a survey can cause a survey taker to rethink their potential answer and inadvertently give less of a true answer. Pointerz has optimized the ordering of all its questions to ensure optimal results.

Methodology of Pointerz Surveys

Manager Effectiveness

Number of Questions  10  
Answer Types  Variable: YES, NO, MAYBE , ABC and 1-5 
Effectiveness Calculation  Mean score of questions 7 & 8 
Effectiveness Click On ( Manager Traits)  Mean score of questions 2,3,4,5 & 6 
Identifier  1. How long have you worked for this manager?
a) Less than 1 year
b) 1 to 3 years
c) 4 to 6 years
d) 7 to 10 years
e) More than 10 years  
Values & Behavior 


2. How are the values & behavior of the manager? Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements
a) My manager takes responsibility for their mistakes
b) My manager takes an interest in my professional development
c) My manager has worked to improve upon issues in the last year
d) My manager maintains a standard for their conduct. 
Support  3. How is the support provided by the manager? Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements.
a) Open to conflict resolution when it involves them
b) I feel comfortable going to my manager for personal problems
c) My manager makes me feel like part of the team 
Diversity  4. Regarding diversity, please rate your level of agreement with the following statements
a) My manager works to include everyone in the office
b) My manager does not show favorites
c) My manager emphasizes strength over weakness 
Leadership  5. How are the leadership qualities of the manager? Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements.
a) Our manager’s morale sets the tone for our office morale
b) Manager is first to help when there are problems
c) My manager has business’ best interest in mind
d) My manager inspires me to do my best work 
Communication  6. How is the communication of the manager? Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements.
a) Clearly communicates changes in company benefits or policies
b) Listens to my concerns & to those of my co-workers
c) My manager gives clear instruction when given work 
Skills  7. Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements about the skills of your manager.
a) My manager gives me positive feedback when my work is done well
b) My manager makes decisions that improve our team’s work & efficiency
c) My manager can answer questions about my work 
Effectiveness  8. Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements about the effectiveness of your manager.
a) In the past year my manager’s goals have been met or exceeded
b) In my own review, I was given clear and concise things I need work on
c) My manager assigns reasonable work with fair deadlines 
Satisfaction  9. Overall, what is your level of satisfaction with your manager? 

Answer Type: Scale of 1 to 5 


Satisfaction  10. I would recommend my manager to other members of my company. 

Answer Type: Yes/No/Maybe 


Employee Engagement

Number of Questions  10  
Answer Types  Strongly agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, strongly disagree   
Favorability Calculation  This score represents the percentage of the employee population who responded with a “4” (agree) or a “5” (strongly agree) to that question.  It also shows the percent who provided a neutral score—a “3”—or an unfavorable score (a “1” or a “2”). 
Trust in Leader  1. You receive constructive feedback from your manager.  
Sense of Purpose  2. Your supervisor recognizes your efforts when you perform well. 


Organizational Culture  3. You feel the employee evaluation process is fair 
Relationship with Colleagues  4. Your team members contribute to your success.
Career Growth  5. You see positive career growth in this organization 
Career Growth  6. You provided with the right training when new systems/tools/software are introduced. 
Sense of Purpose  7. You feel your manager is interested in your progress. 
Belief in Organization  8. You feel your organization is supportive of a healthy work-life balance. 
Trust in Leader  9. Your manager is professional and cordial while communicating with you. 
Organizational Culture 


10. You feel that communication is a two-way process in this organization. 

Employee Net Promoter (ENPS)

Number of Questions  2 
Answer Types  1 to 5 scale 
Favorability Calculation  The score is a whole number that ranges from 1 to 5 and indicates how your employee feels about the organization at that moment. 


Favorability  1.How likely would you recommend our company to your friends or family? 
Belief  2. Would you like to write the reason for the score? 

Mood of the Organization

Number of Questions  3 
Answer Types  Sliding smile scale, range, free text 
Favorability Calculation  The score is a whole number that ranges from 1-5 and indicates how your employee feels at that moment 



Sentiment  1. Would you like to write the reason for the score? (Sliding scale smile Emoji 1-5) 


Mood  2. How do you feel today? 


Identifier  3. Would you like to add anything to this? 

Diversity & Inclusion Survey

Number of Questions  13 ( 9 anytime/4 at time of hire) 
Answer Types  Multiple Choice, Free Text 
Calculation Count/Percent Dashboard  Gender – Part 2 template 

Age – Part 1 Template 

Ethnicity – Part 2 Template 

Religion – Part 2 Template 


Calculation Count/ Percent Interna;  1. Top 3 Cards 

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity 

Individual Mean score of each from I&D part 1 question 1,2 3 

2. Age group 

I & D part 1 – Radio button answers 

3. Sexual Orientation, Gender, Ethnicity, Religion  

I & D part 2 – Radio button answers 


Diversity  1. a) Your organization values diversity.
b) Leadership understands that diversity is critical to our future success.
c) Your organization invests time and energy into building diverse teams. 
Inclusion  2. a) I feel my unique background and identity (I.e. my differences) are valued here.
b) I feel a sense of belonging to my organization.
c) I feel respected by my colleagues. 
Equity  3 a) The process for career advancement/promotion is transparent to all employees.
b) I feel supported in my career growth at my organization.
c) People from all backgrounds and with a range of identities have equitable opportunities to advance their careers 
Equity  4. What is your organization doing well in terms of building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization? Please write your thoughts in the text box below.  
Inclusion  5. a) This company takes active measures to seek a diverse candidate pool when hiring.
b) There is diversity among the people a job candidate will meet/see on his/her first visit to the company. 
Inclusion  6. a) My experiences at this company have led me to become more understanding of differences among my coworkers.
b) Getting to know people with backgrounds different from my own has been easy at this company. 
Identifier  7. How long have you worked here?
a) Less than 1 year
b) 1 to 2 years
c) 3 to 5 years
d) 5 to 10 years
e) More than 10 years  
Identifier  8. Which of the following best describes your role in the organization?
a) First-level supervisor
b) Manager/supervisor higher than first level (including senior management positions)
c) Not a manager or supervisor  


9. What is your age?
a) Under 21
b) 21-34
c) 35 to 44
d) 45 to 54
e) 55 or older  


10. Which of the following best describes your role in the organization?
a) First-level supervisor
b) Manager/supervisor higher than first level (including senior management positions)
c) Not a manager or supervisor  
Identifier (Voluntary) 


1. What is your gender?
Identifier (Voluntary) 


2. What is your sexuality?
Write your answer 
Identifier (Voluntary) 



3. What is your ethnicity?
Write your answer 
Identifier (Voluntary) 



4. What is your religion?
Write your answer 

Survey Templates

Survey Templates

Employee-focused surveys are conducted in organizations to give the organization, its leaders, and its employees a better understanding of how all areas are working. Survey types can be specific to Employee Engagement, or they can be around Manager Effectiveness or be more specific around things like Diversity and Inclusion. Each survey type plays a critical role in organizations by capturing data and providing a deeper understanding of how the organization is functioning. By conducting a survey, an organization gives its people a voice as the data collected specific to a survey can highlight opportunities, weaknesses, or real strengths within the organization. Pointerz collaborates with several industry HR leaders as well as uses guidelines from organizations like SHRM, Gartner and McKinsey to build surveys that are modern, and employee-focused representing a fair and balanced approach that promotes collaboration between employees and their organization. The survey questions are carefully curated, compiled, and sequenced to deliver the most relevant insights. 


Anonymity and confidentiality is built-in Pointerz surveys to protect the privacy of the participants' privacy, confidence, and anonymity. Surveys could be kept completely anonymous. Pointerz assures that all the responses to anonymous surveys are completely anonymous. Responses to anonymous surveys cannot be traced back to the respondent. Your responses are combined with other employee responses and summarized in a report to further protect your anonymity. No personal information or any other data of the respondents will ever be singled out and shared with anyone within or outside the organization. We aim to allow employees to open up and respond honestly to the surveys as responses cannot be associated with a particular employee.  Organizational surveys in Pointerz are anonymous by default, preserving an individual's identity even through drill-down and drill-through analyses. All anonymous surveys require an anonymity threshold, which defines the minimum target respondents in a group to be part of detailed analytics, set to five as default. Pointerz platform only allows managers and leaders to slice and dice data only if the strength of the target group is more than the anonymity threshold. Pointerz also allows platform administrators to modify anonymity thresholds; however, the minimum threshold is three to ensure privacy-preserving analytics.


We at pointerz believe that each organization is unique and has a unique set of characteristics like culture, people, and processes. Although external benchmarking has some merit but creating your own baselines and trying to improve them is the methodology we believe in and use. Identifying organizations' performance and metrics over time by analyzing data on qualified questions from your target audience. Pointerz benchmark their surveys by evaluating the responses submitted internally and does not compare them with externally available responses. As mentioned in this Forbes article The Employee Engagement Benchmark Fallacy employee engagement should always be a continuous improvement by placing more focus on internal engagement.


Pointerz surveys follows methodologies that are accessible at "Survey Methodologies" link.

Manager Effectiveness

Managers play a crucial part in any organization’s success. These leaders are tasked with many deliverables that are essential to an organization’s success. Key among those measure of success is how they perform in developing, managing, and aligning employees in achieving the companies’ successes or failure. At Pointerz, we have constructed a Manager Effectiveness Survey containing questions that help to categorically assess a manager of people in a constructive and effective manner.  

We use an opinion-based survey methodology that is favored by many HR organizations as well as leaders. This methodology allows for employees to respond to statements versus asking for their critical input. This statistically promotes a higher level of comfort from the employee as they feel more empowered to give an honest assessment as it is a reactive response versus proactive critique.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is defined as the strength of the mental and emotional connection employees feel toward their work, team, and organization. Employee engagement measures how employees feel about their organization. Understanding employee engagement is important to all aspects of the organization as it directly impacts retention, recruitment, productivity, and overall company success in terms of profit/sales.   

Pointerz has constructed a deep yet short survey that gives employees a voice that can help organizations quickly assess various aspects of organizational effectiveness through the lens of its employees.

Employee Net Promoter (ENPS)

ENPS has become a quick tool to see overall favorability of an organization simply by asking two questions, with the first one a yes or no recommendation and the second is a why. This survey gives a quick high level of how employees view the company and provide some details why. While it lacks the depth of deeper engagement surveys, it is an effective way to get a high level overall grading of the company at various intervals and recommended to be run no more than 2 times per year.

Mood of the Organization

While most other surveys are giving a longer or deeper view of the organization and its talent, a popular survey that companies deploy on a regular basis is a mood or pulse survey. This survey type enables an ongoing check in on how employees are feeling, which can be work related or not and always indicative of the job or role. It’s a great way to find out if people are not doing well, focus in on the whys, and see as an organization what can be done to help or perhaps where an organization can provide positive reinforcement.

Diversity & Inclusion Survey

Understanding Diversity and Inclusion is a significant need for organizations to have a deep understanding of. By creating a data driven approach through an in-depth survey, the results will enable organizations to uncover areas of strength and improvement. Knowing not just how employees feel about the company but understanding who they are will help to created a more balanced and understood workforce. In doing so, companies can excel at collaboration and progress. Pointerz has created a DEI survey based upon industry best practices and inputs from DEI leaders in leading organizations.



Gain insight into your organization and increase employee engagement. 

Employees are an important asset for any business. They are also one of the most valuable resources available to companies. A survey is a great way to gather employee feedback about their workplace and develop a two-way communication between the organization and the employees. Surveys foster good organizational morale by ensuring that all team members are given a voice. It’s also a great tool for improving employee satisfaction and retention. Employee surveys are an essential part of any company. They help businesses understand what they're doing right and where they could be doing better. Knowing how everyone feels about how the company is functioning helps management and HR direct organizational growth to areas where it is most needed. Surveys also help start a culture of active employees and managers within the business.

Why use Surveys?

A well-designed employee survey will provide you with valuable insights into how your employees feel about their jobs and the company culture. This data helps you make decisions about your organization and improve its performance.  

Pointerz partners have access to carefully crafted survey templates. All the surveys are curated by compiling a set of questions created in context to the survey subject. Each questionnaire is typically a mix of close-ended and open-ended questions, that is created bias free by using standard questions. Some important characteristics followed while creating questionnaires are Uniformity, Exploratory and Sequence of questions. Pointerz have created survey questionnaire following guidelines from multiple available resources like SHRM, Gartner and McKinsey. Pointerz provides surveys that are critical for understanding the effectiveness and engagement within the organization like Manager Effectiveness Survey, Diversity & Inclusion Survey and Employee Engagement Survey.



Pointerz survey templates are available for users in the template library. To access the templates please click on “Survey Templates” link. Users can also create custom surveys by clicking on “Create Survey on the Surveys page.

How everyone in the organization benefits from the Surveys


  • Team and organization wide surveys help employees feel like their voice matters to the organization
  • When employee feedback is considered and action is made off of it, employees feel validated and are more likely to continue doing good work
  • When members of the organization get in the habit of completing surveys, they are more likely to make their valuable ideas heard in the future


  • Managers have easy access to a survey dashboard where they can clearly see the results for their team and quickly get an idea of what is working and what isn’t 
  • Studies show that managers responding to employee feedback leads to improved productivity, better customer service, and higher employee morale
  • Instead of managers having to guess what is most effective for their teams, surveys clearly highlight those opportunities for growth

HR & Organizations

  • HR is able to see survey data for the entire organization in a simple format in order to understand the moods, feelings, and opinions of everyone in the organization 
  • Using AI, survey data is presented in a clean and easy-to-understand format 
  • Surveys can be conducted on a regular basis to see how opinions and feelings have changed over time 


We are hiring

Quality Assurance Analyst III

Quality Assurance Analyst III

The Quality Assurance Analyst III will provide, among other things: hands-on testing, risk analysis, and various types of testing services to enable the software development team to deliver high quality products. The QA Analyst III should have a passion for learning and software testing with the desire to hold impactful roles on challenging projects.


  • Understand and actively contributes to conversations during sprint planning and refinement meetings, identify opportunities for testing, and advocate for our end users.
  • Analyze acceptance criteria for ambiguity and testability.
  • Propose, write, and review detailed and accurate test plans and test cases based on acceptance criteria across products.
  • Work side by side with managers, developers, and the business to deliver high quality products on multiple teams.
  • Record, interpret, and report all test results.
  • Participate in cross product manual regression testing efforts.
  • Run all aspects of production release testing.
  • Create and/or configure environments and data necessary for all testing needs.
  • Audit and review unit tests to ensure code coverage and best practices.
  • Write basic automated tests and debug failures in nightly automation runs.
  • Contributes to improving Software Test Strategy.
  • Ability to make sound decisions quickly, both with and without all the information available.
  • Understand more complex testing concepts, explain them well, and foster buy-in building consensus around these testing concepts.
  • Take initiative to learn new things and grow rapidly from constant exposure to innovative ideas, concepts, and patterns as well as the ability to share those findings effectively.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred in Computer Science, Data Analytics or relevant field.
  • 4+ years of manual software testing web and/or desktop or mobile applications.
  • Detail Oriented.
  • Able to analyze work from multiple perspectives.
  • Can support manual test efforts for multiple products with no supervision.
  • Ability to understand and execute a wide variety of software testing methodologies to best fulfill the testing needs for the work given.
  • Expert in using test management tools like DevOps Test Plan, HP Quality Center, TestRail.
  • Learns and demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of multiple products.
  • Thoroughly and accurately document, triage, and asses risk of identified bugs in a timely manner.
  • Team Player who is supportive, collaborative, productive, values team over self, and acts with high integrity.
  • Desire and ability to take a concept/task and independently create and execute on it.
  • Enthusiasm for software testing and quality.
  • Experience in writing C# code or transferable language.
  • Ability to write and run SQL queries and stored procedures.
  • Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Works independently and successfully in unsupervised work environments and can make sound business decisions consistently, without supervisors’ guidance.


: Full-Time (Contract to hire)
Location : Hyderabad, India
: Programming & Design
Education :
 B.Tech/B.E. – Computers, BCA – Computers
 MCA – Computers, M.Tech – Computers
Salary : Negotiable

    We are hiring

    CI/CD Developer

    CI/CD Developer

    The Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) engineer will be responsible for building, maintaining, and scaling infrastructure for Production The successful candidate will join our excellent team of engineers who formulates solutions to the most intricate problems.


    • Improve CI/CD tools integration/operations, and full automation of CI/testing.
    • Develop, scale, and control strategies, standards, guidelines, governance of Continuous Integration systems.
    • Join the ongoing design, implementation, and preservation of systems and tools in Azure cloud.
    • Collaborate with internal development and QA teams to help ensure end-to-end quality.
    • Write and maintain documentation infrastructure.
    • Troubleshoot issues along the CI/CD pipeline.
    • Work directly with the third-party vendors to fix infrastructural issues.


    • B.Tech/M.Tech/MCA/ MS Degree from a good Institute.
    • 5+ years of experience in CI/CD engineering experience
    • Vast working experience on GIT, Octopus Deploy, Docker, Kubernetes and Azure DevOps tools.
    • Experience with SQL Server.
    • Experience with Powershell.
    • Hands-on experience in installing, configuring, operating, and monitoring CI/CD pipeline tools.
    • Experience in excerpting metrics and results from CI/CD tools.
    • Knowledge in installing, configuring, operating, and monitoring software security pipeline tools like SonarQube.
    • Strong knowledge of popular cloud computing platforms (Azure preferred).
    • Strong understanding of network essentials and system administration exposure.
    • Excellent communication skills.
    • Knowledge with Agile/ Scrum.

    Nice to have :

    • Experience with monitoring tools like Datadog or Application Insights.
    • Experience with Bash and Python.
    • Experience with Microsoft .NET Stack.


    : Full-Time (Contract to hire)
    Location : Hyderabad, India
    : Programming & Design
    Education :
     B.Tech/B.E. – Computers, BCA – Computers
     MCA – Computers, M.Tech – Computers
    Salary : 16 LPA – 20 LPA (INR)

      We are hiring

      Software Engineers-III

      Software Engineers-III


      • Participate in developing software solutions in an agile environment to meet our software’s roadmap needs.
      • Participate and provide technical leadership in all phases of a project from discovery and planning through implementation and delivery.
      • Architect and design scalable and performant application solutions for multi-tenant web applications hosted on the cloud.
      • Mentor and develop other software engineers and developers.
      • Work closely, solve problems, and share ideas with development architects, developers, and technical project managers and product owners.
      • Take initiative to learn new things, and grow rapidly from constant exposure to innovative ideas, concepts, and patterns as well as have the ability to share those findings effectively.
      • Work with management and architecture team to establish best practices and ensure the team is following them.
      • Other duties as assigned.


      • 6+ years of hands-on experience in developing web applications.
      • 6+ years .NET.
      • 6+ years JavaScript.
      • 4+ years modern front-end frameworks (Angular, React, etc.).
      • 2+ years TypeScript.
      • Knowledge of software design patterns experience in developing reusable and modular components.
      • Ability and willingness to learn and adapt quickly to new business domains and technologies.
      • Strong problem-solving skills.
      • Ability to conceptualize and articulate ideas clearly and concisely.
      • Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.
      • Strong prioritization and multi-tasking skills with a track record of meeting deadlines.
      • Adaptable to new environments, people, technologies and processes.
      • Eager to contribute ideas and understands different points of view.
      • Self-motivated, goal oriented.


      : Full-Time (Contract to hire)
      Location : Hyderabad, India
      : Programming & Design
      Education :
       B.Tech/B.E. – Computers, BCA – Computers
       MCA – Computers, M.Tech – Computers
      Salary : 22 LPA – 25 LPA (INR)