Survey Templates

Employee-focused surveys are conducted in organizations to give the organization, its leaders, and its employees a better understanding of how all areas are working. Survey types can be specific to Employee Engagement, or they can be around Manager Effectiveness or be more specific around things like Diversity and Inclusion. Each survey type plays a critical role in organizations by capturing data and providing a deeper understanding of how the organization is functioning. By conducting a survey, an organization gives its people a voice as the data collected specific to a survey can highlight opportunities, weaknesses, or real strengths within the organization. Pointerz collaborates with several industry HR leaders as well as uses guidelines from organizations like SHRM, Gartner and McKinsey to build surveys that are modern, and employee-focused representing a fair and balanced approach that promotes collaboration between employees and their organization. The survey questions are carefully curated, compiled, and sequenced to deliver the most relevant insights.  Anonymity and confidentiality is built-in Pointerz surveys to protect the privacy of the participants' privacy, confidence, and anonymity. Surveys could be kept completely anonymous. Pointerz assures that all the responses to anonymous surveys are completely anonymous. Responses to anonymous surveys cannot be traced back to the respondent. Your responses are combined with other employee responses and summarized in a report to further protect your anonymity. No personal information or any other data of the respondents will ever be singled out and shared with anyone within or outside the organization. We aim to allow employees to open up and respond honestly to the surveys as responses cannot be associated with a particular employee.  Organizational surveys in Pointerz are anonymous by default, preserving an individual's identity even through drill-down and drill-through analyses. All anonymous surveys require an anonymity threshold, which defines the minimum target respondents in a group to be part of detailed analytics, set to five as default. Pointerz platform only allows managers and leaders to slice and dice data only if the strength of the target group is more than the anonymity threshold. Pointerz also allows platform administrators to modify anonymity thresholds; however, the minimum threshold is three to ensure privacy-preserving analytics. We at pointerz believe that each organization is unique and has a unique set of characteristics like culture, people, and processes. Although external benchmarking has some merit but creating your own baselines and trying to improve them is the methodology we believe in and use. Identifying organizations' performance and metrics over time by analyzing data on qualified questions from your target audience. Pointerz benchmark their surveys by evaluating the responses submitted internally and does not compare them with externally available responses. As mentioned in this Forbes article The Employee Engagement Benchmark Fallacy employee engagement should always be a continuous improvement by placing more focus on internal engagement. Pointerz surveys follows methodologies that are accessible at "Survey Methodologies" link.

Manager Effectiveness

Managers play a crucial part in any organization’s success. These leaders are tasked with many deliverables that are essential to an organization’s success. Key among those measure of success is how they perform in developing, managing, and aligning employees in achieving the companies’ successes or failure. At Pointerz, we have constructed a Manager Effectiveness Survey containing questions that help to categorically assess a manager of people in a constructive and effective manner.  

We use an opinion-based survey methodology that is favored by many HR organizations as well as leaders. This methodology allows for employees to respond to statements versus asking for their critical input. This statistically promotes a higher level of comfort from the employee as they feel more empowered to give an honest assessment as it is a reactive response versus proactive critique.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is defined as the strength of the mental and emotional connection employees feel toward their work, team, and organization. Employee engagement measures how employees feel about their organization. Understanding employee engagement is important to all aspects of the organization as it directly impacts retention, recruitment, productivity, and overall company success in terms of profit/sales.   

Pointerz has constructed a deep yet short survey that gives employees a voice that can help organizations quickly assess various aspects of organizational effectiveness through the lens of its employees.

Employee Net Promoter (ENPS)

ENPS has become a quick tool to see overall favorability of an organization simply by asking two questions, with the first one a yes or no recommendation and the second is a why. This survey gives a quick high level of how employees view the company and provide some details why. While it lacks the depth of deeper engagement surveys, it is an effective way to get a high level overall grading of the company at various intervals and recommended to be run no more than 2 times per year.

Mood of the Organization

While most other surveys are giving a longer or deeper view of the organization and its talent, a popular survey that companies deploy on a regular basis is a mood or pulse survey. This survey type enables an ongoing check in on how employees are feeling, which can be work related or not and always indicative of the job or role. It’s a great way to find out if people are not doing well, focus in on the whys, and see as an organization what can be done to help or perhaps where an organization can provide positive reinforcement.

Diversity & Inclusion Survey

Understanding Diversity and Inclusion is a significant need for organizations to have a deep understanding of. By creating a data driven approach through an in-depth survey, the results will enable organizations to uncover areas of strength and improvement. Knowing not just how employees feel about the company but understanding who they are will help to created a more balanced and understood workforce. In doing so, companies can excel at collaboration and progress. Pointerz has created a DEI survey based upon industry best practices and inputs from DEI leaders in leading organizations.