Building organizational morale and positive reinforcement through awards and recognition.

Providing recognition and highlighting good work encourages everyone to continue working at their best. Recognition also assures employees that their company values their contributions to the team and overall organization. Having recognition programs within your organization is extremely important for motivating employees to continue great work. Studies have shown that the majority of employees believe that recognition is the most important thing that can be done by managers to cause employees to produce great work.


  • Pointerz provides a recognition wall where all members of the organization can recognize one another, building relationships and morale.
  • The recognition wall allows employees to see that their hard work is paying off within the organization.
  • Pointerz provides a platform to encourage exceptional work done by employees to build their confidence.


  • Users have access to an awards dashboard where accomplishments can be highlighted at the individual, team, or organizational levels.
  • Awards help employees feel special and seen within their company.
  • Awards highlight specific accomplishments by employees and motivate employees to perform at a higher level.


  • Pointerz provides a leaderboard where employees can show off their accomplishments and feel encouraged to work harder.
  • Leaderboard allows organizations to see who the most active and collaborative members of their organization are.
  • Employees who are active within the organization feel acknowledged for their hard work and are more ready to continue to perform at their best.