Organizational Insights

Predictive & prescriptive insights about individuals and the organization to better align employee skills and competencies to the organizational targets.

At pointerz, we believe that insight generation is a democratic process and should be the key for leaders and managers to have access to qualitative data that can enable them to make the right decisions for their people and business. A product that gives you stats and highlights of what and where the gaps are is game-changing. Our prescriptive and predictive analytics will be your best advisor not only to see the health of the company but be able to dig down to any level of granularity so that you can understand the root cause and tackle the problem head-on.
Organizational Insights


  • A value-driven and transparent platform that provides deep-driven insights to the high-level management based on qualitative data.
  • A system that illustrate the trends and distribution of workforce within the organisation.
  • An AI-driven knowledgeable system that apprises about the top growing and decaying competencies and value parameters pertaining to departments or teams.


  • A high-end resourceful and predictive system that provides health of the company based on statistical data available for evaluation.
  • An AI-backed system that helps in aligning resources in the correct areas of expertise to bridge any gaps in the workforce.
  • A platform that provides holistic view of growth and culture in the organization.