Goals / OKRs

Our AI buddy will keep you interactive and motivated in achieving your goals and objectives at the individuals and organizational level

Setting goals and objectives is essential for professional as well as personal growth. Developing the skills that align directly with business goals while nurturing aspirations and passions will create well-rounded, motivated individuals that are key to organizational success. Pointerz user-friendly, state-of-art platform makes goal creation and objective setting effortless.  With Pointerz tracking and updating goals is collaborative and hassle-free. Pointerz will guide you and your team to align your goals to short & long-term objectives and help in timely execution.
Goals & OKRs


  • A place to plan and track the journey of self-growth.
  • Assess and evaluate the importance and impact of each goal based on the key results.
  • A user-friendly and simple but effective way to manage your goals.
  • A diligent platform that provides collaboration and risk assessment of your goals


  • A platform to track the progress of each team member.
  • A platform to engage with your employees and stay updated on the progress.
  • Collaboratively set goals for your team to achieve better team results.
  • Better visibility into the performing and non-performing employees.