Meeting & Collaboration

Create and manage effective meetings to collaborate and drive valuable, tangible, and action-oriented results.

Humans are multi-faceted, and so is their ability to juggle different tasks and priorities. The process of managing tasks could become complex and frustrating if not managed well. That's why Pointerz is here to help you see and manage all your priorities in one place through integrations into multiple calendars. Our product will make your meeting management a breeze. We enable scheduling, notetaking, and collaboration through whiteboarding, instant polls, debriefing, and feedback. Our state-of-the-art tech and user-friendly interfaces will save you time, increase efficiency, and remove inconvenience.
Meeting & Collaboration


  • A platform providing a feasible way of managing your time in meetings.
  • Options to add talking points/agenda or select from a template while scheduling a meeting.
  • An insight into the type of meetings held and colleagues spent the most time with.


  • A platform providing efficient collaboration between the teams.
  • Add notes and action times on the go that are never lost over time.
  • Provides perspective about the time spent in different types of meetings by team members.