Breaking barriers and collecting feedback on performance from the right people across your network to get actionable insights.

We believe feedback should be continuous and constructive for individual development. Pointerz has created a space to make it possible through feedback loops. Seamless unification of your professional and personal development aspects gives a path to sharing feedback, survey key topics and ideas to improve self-perception accuracy and how others perceive you.
360 Feedback & Surveys

Feedback Overview

  • A platform to give and receive feedback between the right network of people.
  • An AI-backed intuitive process that provides insight and an action plan based on the feedback loop.
  • A visual summarization of the feedback received to provide prescriptive analytics.


  • An inspiring and impactful system that gives you a perspective of people invested in your growth.
  • A system that provides the ability to share feedback across any activity like meetings, goals, skills or general feedback.
  • A feedback system that is determined to provide constructive analysis without any barrier.
  • Easy to use tool that breaks the general psychological barrier around the feedback system.


  • Pointerz uses AI to clearly display positive and negative feedback
  • Managers can see the frequency of their team’s feedback to measure their overall responsiveness
  • Through the Pointerz platform, managers can see who the top contributors are to the team’s development