Onboarding & Offboarding

Building strong relationships within the organization through well-executed onboarding and offboarding process.

In any organization, onboarding and offboarding are critical in shaping the brand of the company as well as ensuring a good experience for individuals and teams. The time and effort organizations put into these processes can make the employee-employer relationship much stronger and allow for more work-ready individuals. Having a good beginning and end to this relationship makes sure that the experience is pleasant for both parties.


When a new employee joins an organization, they must go through an onboarding process. This process begins from the time that the employee accepts the company’s offer and ends when the employee is fully integrated within the company and working at their best. Everything that happens during this time can make or break the experience for both the employee and the employer. Good onboarding allows new employees to perform at the best they can.
  • Pointerz enables a positive onboarding experience that is critical for a strong employee and employer relationship.
  • Pointerz gives individuals, managers, and HR a platform to collaborate and cohesively complete the onboarding process to ensure a smooth integration into the organization and team.


While the onboarding process is extremely critical during the employees' time in the organization, the offboarding process is just as valuable for gaining insight into your own organization. It has a significant impact on everyone in the organization, from individuals to teams and HR. A positive offboarding experience will leave a former employee satisfied and optimistic and could improve the chances of a former employee recommending your organization to their friends, family, and other contacts.
  • Pointerz provides offboarding checklists that simplify the process for employees, managers, and HR.
  • We enable exit surveys and other tools to help HR and managers gain insight into the organization and easily identify and prevent potential shortcomings in the future.