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An early adopter of the Pointerz platform, this global retail consulting firm deployed Pointerz to enable tracking of employees and to track Goals and OKRS as it relates to their various engagements and the deliverables associated with. Taking the relationship, a step further, Emerge has used Pointerz Survey tool to gather data and analysis regarding employees for multiple large scale companies, further giving Pointerz and its customers the tools to get deep in understanding talent.

Intuit QuickBooks

As a partner and a vendor, Intuit and QuickBooks play a critical role in driving world class employee experiencePointerz + QuickBooks is a go to market solution that has been curated for strategic partnerships to enable a full ensuite of HR tools plus payroll+financial management, all in on location! With the power and brand of QuickBooks coupled with the AI capabilities of the Pointerz platform, the partnership has driven great success for the SMB market giving businesses a near turnkey experience to power their team.

Microsoft for Startups

Pointerz was chosen from thousands of applicants to be part of the Founders Hub cohort in 2021, kicking off a strategic relationship that has brought innovation, cross selling through the Azure SMB market place and continued innovation through AI development through OpenAI. As one of the earliest users of the OpenAI platform, Pointerz and Microsoft have given a pathway for how to innovate using next generation technology all the while decoupling the myth that large companies are not accessible.

Bambee HR

Pointerz and Bambee crafted a partner selling relationship where both brands help to deliver a complete HR solution to its partners. Pointerz compliments Bambee’s administration-based platform to enhance the employee experience by giving customers the most complete curated HR experience in the market today by unlocking Pointerz AI based performance management system to foster an exceptional employee portal